Amazon expands to physical retail and shows us what multibrand retail could look like

Amazon has opened a physical store in Soho, NY which is filled with products that are trusted — they either are rated 4-stars and above, are top sellers, or are trending.

The company claims to have created a space which is a direct reflection of their customers – specifically catering to what they’re buying and what they’re ‘loving’.

Starting with some of the most popular categories on, and layering on zones in the store for ‘Most-Wished-For’, ‘Trending Around NYC’, and ‘Frequently bought together’ – the space is designed to allow customers to discover products they love – and reflect Amazon’s online shopping habits, but in a physical environment. There are even customer review cards to accompany products.

As Digiday pointed out,this is a look at how Amazon is shaping how the department store of the future looks like, where customers decide on inventory, not buyers – putting pressure on big-box retailers to curate selections based on customer feedback. The use of real data – and stocking products that will have guaranteed success is truly innovative.