Team Spotlight: In-Store Welcomes our new Director of Multimedia Design: Bill Masto

We’re excited to welcome a new Creative Director to our team! Bill Masto joins us from the March of Dimes where he was the Director of Creative Services, working on the initiative to lead the fight for the health of all moms and babies. Bill is an accomplished creative director, well versed in strategic brand development and positioning, and we are looking forward to his joining our team.

We speak to Bill about what inspires him and what he’ll be bringing to the In-Store team!

Tell us a little more about you…

I am an experienced Creative Director and Visual Designer with over 20 years of art direction and award winning designs. Extensive understanding of marketing and brand objectives and the value of effective communications. I am a strong conceptual thinker and strategically focused visual designer. I have expertise in transforming and refreshing brands by developing creative solutions for identities, products, packaging, websites, digital experiences, advertising and communications. I work with strategy, account, marketing and creative teams to forge solutions that help to define and activate brands.

What inspires you?

Growing up I was always into the arts — at all times I found myself doing something creative like drawing, painting, collage and writing. I received my B.F.A after taking a combination of fine art and design classes which continued to feed my passion for creativity. I have always been intrigued by the marriage of words and images, which lead me to focus my career on design. My main source of inspiration comes from experiencing other people’s creativity — whether it’s walking through an art exhibit, viewing a digital design portfolio, listening to music, or being moved by a well crafted video.


What will you be bringing to the In-Store team?  

In-Store Experience is modernizing the retail experience by strategizing, creating and enhancing consumer engagement — I am thrilled to be part of an impressive team and collaborative culture. My goal as the Director of Multimedia Design is to offer powerful, innovative and effective creative solutions as part of the continued evolution of this highly successful company.

What’s your most memorable instore experience?

I am an in store shopper — always been, and always will be. The experience of feeling and learning about a product before purchasing it has given me confidence and loyalty with many different brands — and at the top of my list is Apple. Many may think of them as a product focused company, but in fact they have revolutionized and transformed in store into a destination to have meaningful and educational experiences.



Team Spotlight: Tim Bauer

We speak to Tim Bauer, who is the most recent addition to the In-Store team. Here’s what he had to say…

What’s your background?

In May, I graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Prior to my return to college, I spent a few years living in Kent, CT. In that part of the state, life moved a little slower than I was used to, but it turned out it was exactly what I needed. In my free-time I played a lot of guitar, went hiking in the mountains, and fished in the river by my house. I used this time to decompress, grow up, and map out the kind of future I wanted for myself.

The most important thing I took away from my time in Kent was learning the value of hard work. An average day for me consisted of maintaining dozens of acres of property from the early hours of the morning until about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. From there I would head directly to the restaurant where I worked as a server, often until 11 o’clock at night. It was exhausting. But no matter how tired I may have been, I learned to appreciate the drive one must possess in order to be successful.

After a couple years of working 16 hour days, I realized that I wanted more out of life. Luckily for me I knew what the solution was. Something I had previously given up on was now attainable. Going back to school was a difficult decision to make as it required several sacrifices. But anything worth having is worth fighting for right? This time around I had a newfound motivation to give it my absolute best effort, and earn my degree.

So that’s exactly what I did. I set goals for myself, visualized them every day, and before I knew it, they started coming true. I credit my present success to the lessons I learned working many long days at hard jobs. I’ve carried that motivation and willingness to learn to every task that comes my way. I don’t believe that I’m better than any job or feel that I’m done learning. Right now, I’m doing my best to act like a sponge and absorb all that I can from the amazing talent at In-store Experience. I am extremely grateful to have landed here. I’ve never been a part of such a positive corporate culture and I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to show my worth.

What inspires you?

I have always been a creative thinker. As a child, my favorite toy was my imagination. It allowed me to be who ever I wanted in whatever world I dreamt up. As I got older, I never lost touch with that aspect of my character. As a result, I’m very much inspired by creative arts, whether it be improvisation in a musical number or some obscure medium used to create an otherworldly artistic masterpiece.  Art as a form of expression is not only inspiring but enjoyable. I think it’s wonderful to see what can become of an artist who pours their mind, body, and spirit into their work. I still actively play music and illustrate on paper. For me, music and drawing are not only a beneficial mental exercise, but also a therapeutic reprieve. You could say that I am very passionate about art and music. When I see other people doing what they love, what they’re passionate about – that inspires me.

Tell us more about what you’l be doing at In-Store Experience and what you’ll bring to the team.

I think I bring a willingness to learn and participate which now-a-days feels uncommon among my generation. I want to be involved and help out in any capacity that I can. Having worked at so many different kinds of jobs afforded me the opportunity to acquire skills that I may otherwise not have learned. I believe this, coupled with my natural abilities to illustrate, problem solve, and communicate, has helped me to develop into a uniquely qualified individual.

My focus right now at In-Store Experience is in project management. I am working hard to familiarize myself with every phase of the project life cycle. I have great mentors here like Chris and Frank who have been doing this for a while. I would be a fool not to absorb the wisdom they possess through their many years of experience.

What’s been the best experience you’ve had at In-Store so far?

Within the first couple weeks of starting at In-Store as an intern, our boss and the owner of the company Chris Anderson took us all out for an awesome lunch right by the water on a beautiful summer day. He took a moment to welcome me to the team, and that gesture deeply resonated with me. And he’s taken us all out several times since.

I saw pretty quickly how well Chris treated his employees. I believe he treats us so well because he truly values everyone’s role in the company. For a business to be successful, the office culture has to be built on a foundation of respect. You really feel that here. Not a day goes by where I feel overlooked or unappreciated. Having that feeling instilled in you from day one makes you want to work harder because you know your effort will be acknowledged.