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The role of ‘social proof’ in shopping experiences

The role of ‘social proof’ in shopping experiences Knowing that other people (like you) have made the same decision you’re about to make and have had a good outcome is very persuasive. It’s the concept of ‘social proof’ – coined in Cialdini’s book “Influence: The psychology of persuasion’. It’s something we often see online – […]

Techniques retailers are using to drive customers in-store

There are many techniques that retailers use to continue to drive foot traffic into their physical stores. In this article, we share just a few to get you thinking. Turning a shopping trip into a destination through events By bringing educational classes, or other experiential elements to your store, you can get customers thinking about […]

Rethinking the grocery store experience

Rethinking the grocery store experience from being a transitory destination to becoming an exploratory destination full of discovery is proving to be a worthwhile approach for grocery retailers. Here are a few techniques stores are using to encourage shoppers to stay in store and elevate the in-store experience. Lucky’s market are letting customers take a […]

What L’Occitane’s new store concept means for retail

L’Occitane en Provence has opened up a new retail destination in New York in the form of an interactive boutique. Following the experiential retail trend, the new store is 1,870 square feet of sensory delight. Designed by international artistic director Daniel Contorni and Blackburn, it’s a step into the cobblestoned streets of Provence and all […]

In-Store Experience Recognized in Creative Magazine’s Top 50 P.O.P Companies

In-Store Experience is proud to announce we have been recognized as one of Creative Magazine’s Top 50 P.O.P Companies in America for 2018. Creative’s Top 50 list recognizes sales growth and leadership in the point-of-purchase sector. “We’re pleased to be recognized again this year,” said Chris Anderson, Founder and CEO. “As a premier provider of […]

Team Spotlight: Tim Bauer

We speak to Tim Bauer, who is the most recent addition to the In-Store team. Here’s what he had to say… What’s your background? In May, I graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing. Prior to my return to college, I spent a few years living in Kent, CT. In […]

Is there really a Retail Apocalypse?

No doubt you’ve come across headlines in the news about a ‘retail apocalypse’ – the claim that physical retail is dying. At the same time, there are just as many headlines that speak to physical retail’s growth. We’ve seen e-commerce brands such as Casper and Everlane launching pop ups and other new store formats to […]